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Force & movement science experiments

Feel the force!

Use these free force-based experiments to support your classroom teaching or simply just a fun science activity for the kids on the weekend!
  • Buoyancy activity for kids
  • More about pressure!

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  • Blast off!!!
  • Apply Newton's Laws of Motion

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  • Demonstrate convection currents
  • Simple science fun

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  • Easy air pressure demo
  • So simple but grabs attention!

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  • 'Magic trick' using pressure
  • Prove air has pressure

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  • Learn more about forces in class or at home
  • Fun science for active kids!

    forces science kits for sale
  • Mini-version of the circus bikes
  • Rotational inertia explained

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  • Classic toy science
  • Adult help please!

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  • Air vortex activity
  • Friction & pressure combined

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Fizzics Education podcast 274 x 192px
  • Interviews with leading STEM educators
  • Supporting resources & teaching ideas

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  • Archimedes would love this!
    ... so would Isaac Newton :)

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  • Repeat the classic experiment!
  • Why is it so ?

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  • 'Magic' trick for class
  • All about structures & friction

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  • Learn how they work!
  • About pressure & heat...

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  • Simple to setup
  • Link density to buoyancy

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  • Hands on science
  • Investigate forces in action

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  • Can you blow the ball out?
  • Counter-intuitive experiment

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  • Is it really a chemical reaction?
  • Learn about nucleation sites

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  • Learn how the 'trick' works
  • It's about surface area...

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  • Model the deadly disaster
  • Discuss low pressure systems

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  • Cool air down...what happens?
  • Charles Law in action

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  • Rising air has force
  • Adult help please!

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  • Find the center of gravity
  • Use friction to make it happen

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  • Spread your weight!
  • Nice trick to know :)

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  • They rise and fall...why?
  • Think buoyancy...

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  • Learn about Bernoulli
  • Fun, simple science

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  • Cold rubber can shatter!
  • Properties of materials

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  • Use friction to lift them
  • A classic classroom activity

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  • Good vibrations 
  • Adult help please

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  • Make eggs float!
  • Classic density experiment

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  • Get unbalanced!
  • Simple robot for kids

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  • Launch a simple rocket!
  • All about convection

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  • Air pressure science made big!
  • Feel the power :)

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  • Classic science experiment
  • Store & release energy to make it go!

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  • Karate chop science!
  • Just like a magic trick

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  • Is it the mass or the length string?
  • Classic physics experiment

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  • Can you really do it?
  • Applied Bernoulli's theory!

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