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Easter Science Experiments – just for fun!

Easter Science Experiments – just for fun!

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Easter is a great time to incorporate science experiments into your primary school curriculum or even at home!

Here are some fun and engaging Easter-themed science experiments for students.

Painted eggshells holding up biology books on a table

How strong is an eggshell?

  • Just how strong are eggshells?
  • Test their strength in this fun science activity for kids. Lots of fun and is perfect for the home or in the classroom.

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Naked egg without a shell getting held

Create a naked & bouncy egg

  • Dissolve the shell….classic egg experiment 🙂

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Egg sitting on top of a glass bottle

Egg into a bottle trick

  • Repeat the classic experiment!
  • Why is it so?

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Egg inertia science experiment - Karate chopping the lid

Egg inertia

  • Karate chop science!
  • Just like a magic trick

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Stand on eggs science experiment - pushing off the desks

How to stand on eggs!

  • Spread your weight!
  • Nice trick to know 🙂

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A broken chocolate bar

Measure the speed of light with chocolate

  • Ever tried measuring the speed of light using chocolate? It’s possible!
  • A fun science activity that you get to eat 🙂

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There are other experiments you can do too!

  • Eggshell Geodes

    Eggshells can be transformed into beautiful geodes with a simple science experiment. Fill the eggshells with water and add some food colouring. Then add a mixture of alum and water to the eggshells. After a few hours, the alum crystals will begin to form inside the eggshell, creating a stunning geode.

  • Egg Drop Challenge

    This classic science experiment challenges students to design and build a contraption that will protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a height. Provide materials like straws, cotton balls, and popsicle sticks, and let students get creative with their designs.

  • Peeps Science

    Peeps are a staple of Easter, and they can also be used for science experiments. One fun experiment involves placing Peeps in different liquids like water, vinegar, and soda to see what happens to them over time. Students can also try microwaving Peeps to see how they react to heat.

These Easter-themed science experiments are a great way to engage students in hands-on learning while also celebrating the holiday season. Have fun and happy experimenting!

Happy teaching,

Ben Newsome.

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