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Kitchen Chemistry Experiments

How to Make Sherbet

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Fizzy science in 3 steps

Yummy kitchen chemistry!

Making Layered Liquids

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Experiment on density

Get colourful!

Fill a Balloon with CO2

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Classic reaction that releases gas

Kitchen chemistry that works

Secret Glow in the Dark Message

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Glowing science for home

How does glowing work?

Crystal Snowflakes

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Crystallize borax beautifully

Fantastic for Christmas!

Endothermic reaction

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Use only pantry ingredients!

Reactions that get colder!

Make honeycomb

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Heat can break bonds

Science you can eat!

Lemon juice Christmas cards

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Just add heat!

Christmas chemistry

Make A Simple Thermometer

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Uses household materials

Thermal expansion of liquids

Why does ice float?

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Simple, but why do they?

Water is strange...

Ice-cream in a bag

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Yummy ice-cream making!

All about freezing points

Temperature and The Density of Water

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Convection activity

Learn about density

How drinking bird toys work

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Learn how they work!

About pressure & heat...

Make Ice Stalagmites

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Made via supercooled water.

A surprising science project!

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