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Weather & Air activities

Make a cloud in a jar

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Learn how to make a cloud in a jar with easy to get materials. An effective demonstration of why clouds form and simple to do!

Tornado in a jar

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Create a tornado in a jar easily with materials found around the home. Fun science, done quickly!

Hot air expands demonstration

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A classic demonstration of hot air rising! Easy to do and highly visual.

Vortex rings with a bottle

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Create vortex rings with a bottle! Easy to do and fascinating for kids to see. Find out how to set this up easily as your next science activity.

Shaving cream rain clouds

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All about how rain forms!
An easy science activity for the classroom or home.

Make A Simple Thermometer

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Uses household materials

Thermal expansion of liquids

Egg into a bottle trick

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Repeat the classic experiment!

Why is it so ?

Blow ’em apart!

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Can you really do it?

Applied Bernoulli's theory!

Make a tea bag rocket

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Launch another rocket!

All about convection

Tornado in a bottle

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Model the deadly disaster

Discuss low pressure systems

The impossible puff

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Can you blow the ball out?

Counter-intuitive experiment

Helium balloon in a car

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Archimedes would love this!
... so would Isaac Newton :)

Create fog rings

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Air vortex activity

Friction & pressure combined

Upside-down water cup

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'Magic trick' using pressure

Prove air has pressure

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