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The impossible puff

The impossible puff

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You will need:

  • One Ping Pong ball
  • One funnel


Impossible puff experiment - materials needed
1 Impossible puff experiment - blowing up through the bottom of the funnel

Place the ball into the funnel. Blow through the funnel spout.

Can you get the ball to come out? Is there another way of blowing the ball out of the funnel?

2 Impossible puff experiment - blowing across the top of the funnel

Try blowing across the top of the funnel. This will work, but why?

3 hand with flame around it without injury
4 Teacher showing how to do an experiment outside to a group of kids.

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5 A man holding a soda can with tongs and a bunsen burner heating the can base

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Why Does This Happen

Things move from high to low-pressure areas. The lower the pressure, the stronger the action. Think of a tornado – they have very low pressure in the middle of their funnel!

The mathematician Bernoulli found that moving air has less pressure than air that is still. The curved surface of the ball made the air travel faster below the ball than the still air above the ball. The moving air below the ball had less pressure, which sucked the ball into the funnel. The same idea can be applied to vortex smoke rings too!

Variables to test

  • Does it make a difference with the size of the funnel?
  • Can you do this with a heavier ball?
  • What if you use a cube shape instead of a ball?

A man with a glove above a liquid nitrogen vapour cloud

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