Podcast: How Refraction Media is highlighting STEM careers


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How Refraction Media is highlighting STEM careers

How Refraction Media is highlighting STEM careers


Karen Taylor-Brown drops by to share how their Careers with STEM and Careers with Code publications are helping students learn about what really is available to them once they leave high school. We also discuss ways that your students can get involved in submitting articles to science publishers and how to grab the attention of the editors.

“Policymakers and corporate leaders were starting to say, hang on, if we’re looking ahead at where we want our nation to be and where we want our businesses to be we really need to get more kids engaged in STEM because those are the skills we’re going to need for a future economy. Coming from a content background, Heather and I just thought we could do something about that”.

We also look at how your students can start to learn publishing skills by writing regular blog articles and we revisit a grab from a past episode in which Steve Sherman from Living Maths shares his passion for getting students excited about the world around them.

Top 3 learnings


  1. Get your students into writing science articles! Think from the consumer’s point of view… what would they want to read?
  2. There are many opportunities for students to find about possible careers and events such Careers with STEM are a great way to learn from peers who are going through the process as well. Get involved!
  3. If you’re a scientist talking with the media, don’t be afraid to share your opinion! It might attract a buzz around your research… which could even lead to funding.

About Karen Taylor-Brown

Karen Taylor-Brown from Refraction Media

Karen Taylor-Brown from Refraction Media 

Karen is the co-Founder, CEO and Publisher at Refraction Media. She is all about developing results-oriented, collaborative partnerships that make an impact. Cofounding Refraction Media with Heather Catchpole in 2013, she has a vision to inspire a smarter future. Underpinning their work is a desire to smash stereotypes, celebrate diversity and show how STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills will underpin the careers of the future.

With the support of a team of creative, insightful and curious individuals, Refraction Media has developed the CareerswithSTEM.com platform that includes the magazines Careers with Code, Careers with Maths, Careers with Science and Careers with Engineering. Their magazines and resources are distributed to secondary schools across Australia and New Zealand – and they now have a US edition too.

About the FizzicsEd Podcast

With interviews with leading science educators and STEM thought leaders, this science education podcast is about highlighting different ways of teaching kids within and beyond the classroom. It’s not just about educational practice & pedagogy, it’s about inspiring new ideas & challenging conventions of how students can learn about their world!

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