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How to Make Sherbet

How to Make Sherbet

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You Will Need:

Icing Sugar

Citric acid, can be found at the ‘herb and spices’ aisle at the super market.

Bicarbonate Soda, better known as baking soda.

A cup per-person

A spoon per-person

Making sherbet science experiment - materials needed
1 Making sherbet science experiment - adding icing sugar to the cup

Add twenty parts icing sugar to one part citric acid and one part bicarbonate soda.

2 Making sherbet science experiment - adding citric acid to the cup

Mix it together.

3 Making sherbet science experiment - eating the sherbet

And eat- It is that simple!

Why Does This Happen:

The fizzing on your tongue is caused by the water in your saliva allowing the citric acid and bicarbonate soda to dissolve. Scientists call this ‘in solution’. As the citric acid and the bicarbonate soda are now in solution they can react much more easily as the molecules can contact each other much better.

What’s the gas? Carbon dioxide (water is produced in this reaction as well)

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