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Five essential things to keep in mind when you teach remotely

Five essential things to keep in mind when you teach remotely

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Online teaching and remote tutoring are in vogue these days. Today, students can learn new horizons conveniently and effectively while attending online classes from home. Thanks to this innovative vertical of education, students’ learning did not get disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, for someone who has aspired to become an online teacher, this is the perfect opportunity. In fact, as per research conducted by Syngene, the e-learning market size is expected to rise by 9.1% from 2018 and reach USD 336.9 billion. It would not be incorrect to say that e-learning is the way forward.

Online teaching is known to be one of the best-paid remote jobs in this era driven by rampant digitalization. The earnings are handsome, and the job satisfaction in teaching is incredible. It is such a selfless thing to add value to someone’s career and learning. Anyone who has ever dreamed of being a teacher should pursue this dream. Besides, in contemporary times, skills are preferred more to qualifications. A person without professional qualification in teaching can also conduct remote classes.

But it is not the cakewalk it seems like. There are a few important considerations to take into account. Before one starts his career as a freelance online teacher, he should note the things listed in this post. Before that, this blog sheds light on some of the advantages of starting a remote teaching career.

Pros of pursuing a career in online teaching

  1. Online teaching has great earning potential
  2. Remote tutoring allows flexible work timings
  3. Can be pursued as a part-time job by students as well
  4. Online teaching has scope for gamification to enhance learning
  5. Remote teaching does not necessarily require prior experience
  6. Online tutoring is a great way to enhance knowledge

After analyzing all the fascinating benefits of working as a remote teacher, it is vital to note some key points. These key points are salient to the success of an online teacher. Besides thorough knowledge of a subject, a person needs other skills to become a successful teacher. The importance of these vital skills and prerequisites is elaborated in the subsequent section.

Significant considerations for aspiring remote teachers

1. Brushing up technical proficiency is a must

Online teaching involves the use of sophisticated applications and portals to impart knowledge. The first and fundamental thing a person should do is to build familiarity with these interfaces. One needs to gain complete knowledge of how to use these virtual meeting portals. Further, one should prepare a concise guidebook for students to be able to use these applications.

One thing that is important to note here is that too many platforms can be confusing. A teacher needs to identify two to three best-suited video conferencing software where one is primary while others are for backup. The choice between the best video conferencing platforms should be based on extensive research. See the 7 deadly sins of interactive virtual learning

2. Working relationships between the teachers and students are crucial

The second thing to keep in mind is the construct of teacher-student relationships. To be a successful teacher and to make active learning strategies successful, one needs to work on these. Unlike teaching in a physical classroom, managing working relationships in a virtual space can be tricky. But curating healthy relationships in a virtual classroom is essential. Hence, before beginning, a teacher ought to figure out ways to foster personal relationships with all students.

This can be achieved in multifarious ways. Different verticals of communication and one on one interactions need to be carried out. Furthermore, a teacher should have a flexible approach while catering to the learning needs of students. This tenderness and flexibility will help in promoting working relationships. To be able to collaborate is in fact, one of the top job skills that will be required in the post-pandemic era.

3. A rulebook will be a great idea

For some reason, students associate liberty and candidness with online classes. This becomes a challenge for the teacher and interferes with active learning. But defining the rules beforehand can help a great deal. Given that, as a part of preparations for starting a remote teaching career, a set of rules should be made. A person should draft the rules in a presentable manner so that they can be sent to the students on the first day itself.

Discipline is the key to success for students as well as teachers. Even if a person is teaching music online, there should be a set of norms that aim to keep discipline intact. Unnecessary interruptions can affect the engagement in the virtual classroom. Besides, a teacher needs to model discipline for others. To cite an example, a teacher cannot expect students to not use their phones if he does not follow the same. The implementation of the rulebook starts with the teacher.

4. Understanding of time zones and cultural differences matters

Another important consideration for people beginning careers in online learning is around time zones. They need to know that time zones, as well as differences in cultures of students, require attention. Being a successful teacher is all about attention to detail, after all. If a teacher in the UK is teaching students in the US via online classes, the time gap is massive. London in the United Kingdom is five hours ahead of New York in the US. The next consideration is that of cultural differences. Teachers ought to be neutral and respectful to all students, irrespective of their backgrounds.

To solve the issue of time zones and time differences, teachers can use date and time converters. It will be great to have these converters decided beforehand. To continue, teachers should have some planned strategies to work around cultural differences. A diverse classroom can be fun, but it can also be challenging. For acclaiming success, a person should find out the answers to these challenges before he begins his journey as an online teacher.

A man with a glove above a liquid nitrogen vapour cloud

5. Knowing how to unplug is vital

Being an online teacher, a person does not want to be a victim of digital fatigue. Being on the screen the entire time can add to stress and make a person prone to burnout. So, it is advisable to figure out when to unplug and how to unplug between classes. No one would want to feel miserable in a few months where one feels he is always on the screen. A lot of teachers around the world report sleep deprivation, stress, and lack of social life. A large proportion of these teachers want to quit their professions for these reasons.

So, to not be a victim of burnout, one needs to know how to manage his personal time and space well. One should not go for a schedule that has classes one after another hence leaving no time for relaxation and switching off in between. This will take effective planning and time management skills. One should look to flourish in the field he chooses, and for that, eliminating vulnerabilities is crucial.

To encapsulate, there are some amazing reasons for people to choose a career in online teaching. It is a job that will always be in high demand as learning and education never cease. Besides, in the ongoing pandemic and the times to come thereafter, online education will continue to gain traction. The scope for success and growth in online teaching is massive. However, approaching it the right way is essential to the prospects of success. As explained above, one should never miss out on these considerations. When a person begins a career in remote learning, keeping the things mentioned above in mind, he is able to make a worthwhile and positive start. As it is often said that well begun is half the work done.

Happy teaching,

Jessica Robinson

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Jessica Robinson finds her peace in penning down intriguing and captivating blogs for her readers. So, she has been creating the finest pieces of content for over a decade while working at ‘The Speaking Polymath’.
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