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Space Science Projects

Make your own Spectrometer

Comments 4

Learn how to make your own homemade spectrometer using simple materials. Use light to analyse substances!

Modelling Moon Phases

Comments 2

Model the phases of the moon with this easy class activity. This helps with visualising what is going on as the Moon orbits the Earth.

Book drop gravity activity

Comments 1

Test how gravity works in this classic book drop activity! You can explore one of the fundamental forces of our Universe with very little effort :)

Oreo cookie moon phases

Comments 0

Use Oreo cookies or chocolate biscuits to model the 8 phases of the moon! A classic science activity that anyone can do from home or at school.

Moon illusion tester

Comments 0

Is there really a moon illusion? How can you test it? This science activity is a great way to test an ancient puzzle using simple materials!

Gravitational lens demo

Comments 0

Really big objects can warp spacetime

So easy to demonstrate though!

Model meteorite strikes

Comments 0

Make craters in class!

Learn more about impacts

Make a tea bag rocket

Comments 9

Launch another rocket!

All about convection

Find true north

Comments 0

True vs. magnetic north

A useful skill

Constellations in a Canister

Comments 0

Patterns in the sky

Classroom activity

Film canister rockets

Comments 0

Blast off!!!

Apply Newton's Laws of Motion

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