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Force & Movement Experiments

Double cone roller

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Can you get the double cone roller to move uphill? Or is it an illusion? This science activity will have you looking closer at rotational forces & centre of balance!

Rocky Roller

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Investigate what happens when you roll objects with inconsistent densities. A strange rolling motion can be seen in this one!

DIY Barometer

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Make a simple DIY barometer using household materials. Learn about the weather and air pressure plus track changes in your local weather over time.

Make a cloud in a jar

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Learn how to make a cloud in a jar with easy to get materials. An effective demonstration of why clouds form and simple to do!

Make a balloon hovercraft

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Make a balloon hovercraft with simple materials! This works surprisingly well and helps you understand forces and air pressure.

Wine glass gravitron

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Use a wine glass to create a homemade gravitron! This experiment all about inertia vs gravity and is a great activity for looking at forces.

Tornado in a jar

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Create a tornado in a jar easily with materials found around the home. Fun science, done quickly!

Make a tensegrity structure

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Learn how to make a tensegrity structure using easily found materials. It's all about forces!

Balancing hammer on ruler

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The balancing hammer on ruler activity explores centre of gravity. Amaze your friends with this simple and fun activity!

Phone book friction

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Explore the effects of friction with a classic demonstration using two phone books!

Book drop gravity activity

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Test how gravity works in this classic book drop activity! You can explore one of the fundamental forces of our Universe with very little effort :)

Vortex rings with a bottle

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Create vortex rings with a bottle! Easy to do and fascinating for kids to see. Find out how to set this up easily as your next science activity.

Marshmallow & spaghetti towers

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Build a marshmallow tower - how high can you go? A classic STEM activity for kids to try out. Test your planning skills and patience with this none :)

How strong is an eggshell?

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Just how strong are eggshells? Test their strength in this fun science activity for kids. Lots of fun and is perfect for the home or in the classroom.

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