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Force & Movement Experiments

Phone book friction

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Explore the effects of friction with a classic demonstration using two phone books!

Book drop gravity activity

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Test how gravity works in this classic book drop activity! You can explore one of the fundamental forces of our Universe with very little effort :)

Vortex rings with a bottle

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Create vortex rings with a bottle! Easy to do and fascinating for kids to see. Find out how to set this up easily as your next science activity.

Marshmallow & spaghetti towers

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Build a marshmallow tower - how high can you go? A classic STEM activity for kids to try out. Test your planning skills and patience with this none :)

How strong is an eggshell?

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Just how strong are eggshells? Test their strength in this fun science activity for kids. Lots of fun and is perfect for the home or in the classroom.

Bottle fountain science activity

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A great experiment for kids for exploring air pressure! How far can the stream of water go?

Cobra Weave Popsicle Sticks

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Create a chain reaction of wooden sticks with the cobra weave! This science activity is all about releasing energy and is spectaluar to see. Find out more...

Watermelon pop

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Explode a watermelon using just rubber bands! This science activity is perfect for science fairs or simply some fun with your class. Find out more...

Bow tie weave chain reaction

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Create a bow tie weave stick bomb in a series of a few short repeating steps. Its all about storing and releasing energy!

Rising water experiment

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Learn about air pressure with the classic rising water experiment! You just need a candle, some water, a glass and a plate to do this activity

Leak Proof Bag

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Show off your 'magic' skills as you demonstrate the leak-proof bag science experiment! This all about polymers and friction... so easy to do!

Sink the foil boat

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A science activity about floating
How much weight will sink the boat?

Water down a string

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An easy experiment to replicate
Demonstrate water cohesion

Pepper & surface tension

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Easily show that surface tension exists!
Simple science with kitchen materials

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