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Water science activities

Water science activities

Colourful currents

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A colourful density experiment

It's all about heat!

Sink the foil boat

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A science activity about floating
How much weight will sink the boat?

Water down a string

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An easy experiment to replicate
Demonstrate water cohesion

Drops on a coin

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Explore surface tension
Who can fit the most drops?

Pepper & surface tension

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Easily show that surface tension exists!
Simple science with kitchen materials

What Freezes first .. Hot or Cold Water?

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Experiment with a weird result

Learn about energy within a liquid

Underwater telephone

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Amplify underwater sounds

So easy to do!

Make A Simple Thermometer

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Uses household materials

Thermal expansion of liquids

Why does ice float?

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Simple, but why do they?

Water is strange...

Water Density and Ocean Currents

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Another density experiment

Oceans drive weather patterns

Temperature and The Density of Water

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Convection activity

Learn about density

Why is an Iceberg Frozen but not the water below?

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Insulation experiment

Also relates to igloos

Bend Water

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Bend water to your will

Did you know water carries charges?

Make Ice Stalagmites

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Made via supercooled water.

A surprising science project!

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