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COVID-19; Shopping list for virtual science classes

COVID-19; Shopping list for virtual science classes

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With classes rapidly moving to online learning as the COVID-19 outbreak impacts schools, one of the key needs for teaching science by distance is to have materials on hand for kids to use to make the science interactive & engaging. These items need to be cheap, simple, safe and available to all kids from the local supermarket. There are 150 free science experiments on this website designed for this exact purpose, however the myriad of options can make it confusing to sort out a simple shopping list of things that kids will need to have to cover the majority of them.

You may also need materials for when you arrange virtual excursions.

So with this in mind, the following shopping list covers the main ingredients and materials you’ll need to keep kids enthusiastic about learning about their world! We expect that parents will have many of these things listed already, however we have assumed that you’re starting from scratch so nothing is missed. Importantly, we’ve chosen products that are value for money, environmentally friendly, available online and able to used in multiple ways. Also, if you head to the store you’ll find more variety but considering social distancing is the new normal for a month (or more), you should limit your exposure to the public where possible.

We’ve noted prices as shown on Woolworths Online Shopping as at 16 March 2020. These prices are subject to change but we don’t expect too much variation;

Total cost $67.35 (but we also know much of this many people already have in their home)

Once families have these materials, you can use them to run the following science experiments listed below:

Virtual Learning Opportunities for classes

Since 2011, we’ve run multi-award-winning virtual programs across Australia and beyond.
These virtual excursions are available to your school now, no matter your location.

  • Highly interactive distance lessons by highly experienced distance educators
  • Direct curriculum links
  • Live classes; students can question & answer our educators and participate in experiments using household materials
  • Pre, during and post virtual excursion lesson notes for both teachers and students.
  • We send you a list of inexpensive materials that are students can have on-hand during the lesson.
  • Option to use Flipgrid to help students discuss the content further
  • Simple connection, one click and you’re in!
  • All supported by over 150 FREE experiments, student podcasts and more

To keep up student enthusiasm & enrichment in these unprecedented times, these virtual classes are perfect for engaging students of all ages and are very easy to set up.

These will book out quickly.
Contact us to find out more about these can help in these unprecedented times.

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Happy teaching,

Ben Newsome

Ben Newsome

Calendar of Events

Liquid Nitrogen Online Show, July 9

Jul 09, 2020

11AM - 11AM

Price: $0 - $45

Liquid Nitrogen Online Show, July 13

Jul 13, 2020

2PM - 2PM

Price: $0 - $45

Chemistry Capers Online Workshop, July 10

Jul 10, 2020

11AM - 12PM

Price: $0 - $45



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