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Science Virtual Excursions Worldwide

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Australia: Call 1300 856 828email us or see DART NSW.
Overseas: Call +612 9674 2191, email us or see CILC

Highly interactive lessons!

To support student engagement we send you a list of inexpensive materials to pick up at your local shops prior to the day plus guide these science experiments from our location. To make sure your unit of work is covered we also send pre-workshop and post-workshop lessons to you plus you can use the >100 free science experiments on our website to support STEM in your school, library or museum! 

In 2014 our Director completed a Churchill Fellowship on best practice in science education via video conferencing. You can apply the findings in your own classroom by downloading the report "Best Practice in Science Education via Video Conference" here. Ben is also on the leadership team for ISTE Interactive Video Conferencing network and a founding member of Virtual Excursions Australia

The provision of video conference excursions is highly cost effective for remote and regional schools due to the reduction in embedded travel and accommodation costs normally associated with an in-school visit. Treat a video conference like any other excursion; parent permission slips are still needed and we still need to organise the booking date and time with you as per any other school visit. Please be aware of timezones and dates on booking!

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Video conference presentations available worldwide. 

Prices quoted below guarantee a 1:1 connection between your class and us in Australia.
Simply arrange a date and time for the workshop with us, just like a normal school excursion!
For open bookings where there may be up to 5 other classes at the same time the cost per class reduces to $110 inc. GST (eg through DART Connections).

International rates for USA, Canada and England are between $150 and $195 inc. GST for 1:1 connections only (see Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration).

CILC pinnacle awards for Fizzics Education  
Award Winning Classes

Call 1300 856 828, contact us or use this form to inquire or make a booking for your school.
Ages 8 to 15 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Create a Buzz!
Ages 8 to 15 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Digital Microscopy
Ages 8 to 12 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Flight or the Weather
Ages 8 to 15 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Geology Rocks!
Ages 8 to 12 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Hot & Cold
Ages 5 to 12 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Lego Robotics
Ages 8 and up 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Light and Colour
Ages 6 to 15 45 minutes 30 Students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Liquid Nitrogen Show
Ages 8 to 15 45 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Look Inside: Human Body
Ages 8 to 12 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Science of Sound
Ages 6 to 15 45 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Stars and Planets
Ages 8 to 15 60 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST
Renewable Energy
Ages 8 to 15 45 minutes 30 students (suggested max) $150 inc. GST

***Ensure learning outcomes***

Free 30 minute video conference with >3 booked primary or secondary incursion workshops at your school. Use for revision or to discuss more science! 

Requirements to connect virtually

There are number of ways to join us in a video conference science excursion. 
The easiest way is to simply contact us and book in a timeslot that fits our shared schedules.
This external link can help with working out time zone differences. 

All we need are the following requirements:

Web conference (no H.323 VC hardware on site)
  • A desktop computer or smart tablet connected to a data projector, interactive whiteboard or TV
  • Once the date & time is arranged we will send you simple connection instructions (one click & you're in!)
  • We can handle up to 25 separate computers connected at once if needed! 
  • A date and time you wish to book (please be aware of time zones to Sydney)
Video conference (you have H.323 VC hardware on site)
  • Your IP address (also known as the 'dial in' number)
  • A virtual meeting room (VMR) number if available. Often a virtual excursion doesn't need this.
  • We support conferences between 384kbps and 1980kbps and can bridge 3 sites at once if needed
  • A date and time you wish to book (please be aware of time zones to Sydney)
Contact us or speak with IT support or your distance learning officer if you need help in setting up a video conference excursion with us!

Australia: Call 1300 856 828email us or see DART NSW.
Overseas: Call +612 9674 2191, email us or see Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration

Otherwise, for NSW public schools we have scheduled a number of science events through DART Connections, a NSW Department of Education and Communities Unit that provides support for NSW public schools to access video conferences. Bookings for these particular dates must be arranged through DART Connections.

If you're an Australian independent school or a school outside the NSW public school system we can connect directly to you without a 3rd party.

Feedback for our science video conferences

Last week my class had the opportunity to have a videoconference with Australia. The lesson utilized liquid nitrogen to open up a variety of scientific topics for my students. The presenter was engaging, well-prepared and knowledgeable. My students thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. The fact that we were speaking with someone from another continent on the other side of the world was hard to imagine for my students. It was like he was down the hall from us...truly incredible.
Thomasville City Schools, North Carolina
I was able to discuss our unique school where we never know until the day how many or which students will be able to take part.... (we were shown) a number of science experiments which we could use here. Knowing that there are also experiments available on the website is helpful. 
Sydney South West Area Health Service, NSW
A wonderful first experience with virtual excursions.

Maroubra Public School, NSW
A great presentation... highly engaging
Creative Education Expo, South Korea via School of Education, University of New England
A very engaging session with highly enthusiatic students  
Bellambi Public School, NSW
Excellent presentation; great experiments which could be tried at home or school; great presenter.
St Ives North Public School, NSW
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